Friday, February 25, 2011

Is it OK to Blind RT?

Twitterlife can be fun, distracting, sometimes useful -- and sometimes a bit less so. I sometimes wonder how many 'blind RTs' we see popping up -- meaning RTs to links that are never looked at, just passed on because they sound promising.

So I played a trick with this tweet yesterday:

The catch is that it's a fake. There is no story, or top 20 list. Just a link to You Got Rick Rolled, the immortal tribute to pop icon Rick Astley (I like the pie chart the best).

Seventy-five people clicked on the link and saw Rick in his glory (my apologies to all, in particular to Sarah Hutton who called me out on it). At the same time I got at least nine RTs on the link without comment, which reached up to 26,276 people.

Sorry guys, but I think you got RickRolled too.

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