Wednesday, April 21, 2010

76-Second Travel Show: 'Billy Joel Winners'

Episode #030

The love we're seeing at the SSSTS studios regarding the emerging notion of 'Billy Joel Travel' has been astounding. And pleasing. But only three winners could be chosen for the first-ever 76-Second Travel Show Road Trip, on Joel's 61st birthday -- Sunday May 9.

And those winners are 'Rutila,' 'Brooklyn' and 'Matt.' I seriously hope you can do this. We'll be back before dark.

Email reidontravel[at]gmail[dot] com for details.

Trip in brief:

* we'll get a Cold Spring Harbor breakfast
* track down the 'village green' Billy sings of
* see the 'Miracle Mile' from 'It's Still Rock'n'Roll to Me'
* maybe see a Billy Joel car-wreck site
* see if we can find someone Billy Joel beat up (he boxed) or other Billy Joel experts
* AND grab either a bottle of red or white at the restaurant which MIGHT be the 'Italian Restaurant' from 'Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.'

Meanwhile, check back for more Billy Joel Travel updates, including a road video and theme song 'We Didn't Invent Travel.'

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