Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is Capitol Art Travel?

For a few moments in my life, I toyed with the idea of going to every US state capitol and asking a capitol employee if they'd sketch the building. After two -- Nevada and California -- I went on to other more worthy travel tasks like counting moustaches, studying Spanish in Guatemala and pretending to speak at the capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky.

But still this capitol sketch–commissioning failed travel quest sticks with me. Particularly for that sunny afternoon in Carson City, America. I stepped into the quiet Nevada capitol and asked a serious guy in a tautly tucked-in security outfit about it.

'We have a lot of work to do here, I can't spend time drawing,' he snapped.

The younger capitol policeman sitting at his chunky elbow was listening. I asked him, 'What about you?'

'Sure, I'll give it a shot.'

Mr A. Rasor retrieved a brochure to model it after and a ruler. And allowed the empty capitol to go unguarded for a full 15 minutes while he drew it. The boss didn't say a word.

I think that counts as travel.

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